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4 new lewd scenes with Luna and Mirana.
New question and ending in drinking game.
Cute nude Luna and 3 new clients.
The story begins
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Lyralei in the Tavern
Play Lyralei’s story and find 13 lewd scenes! Includes v0.3 - v0.4.2
The story continues
Meet Mirana and find 14 new lewd scenes.
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1/11/2019 2:29:2
In the Tavern
1/12/2019 1:23:4
Mirana's hobby
1/9/2019 14:12:8
Luna takes a break
1/6/2019 16:10:2
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Original text
Your suggestion
Story and art by TitDang.
Code and design by Flamie.
Additional art by MeekoHopanes, ZionAlexiel,
Alex Mana and Tanya-Buka.

Music by ArmorSmith.
Translation and editing by Sunfoxcis.

Special thanks to all the artists whose artworks
we used as references in the game:
DJComps, Legoman and others.
This game is a fan-based parody.
Valve owns DOTA 2 and heroes from there.
Ernst Preining
Hristo Lozanov
Hot Wheels Viking

4 new scenes
Nude Luna sprite
3 new clients
New ending in drinking game

iOS images bugfix
Sprites blinking bugfix
3 new scenes
2 new questions for drinking game
2 new clients

Full refactoring of game's engine for faster work
Interactive tavern features
New menu with game chapters
100+ new emotions for Mirana and Luna
New Luna's outfit
Seven new lewd scenes
Four new questions for drinking game
First scene containing interactive tavern features
Two new locations: Mirana's room and town street

New features:
Loop button
Repeat button
Quick view for erotic scenes
Interface hiding feature

Translation fix for all scenes from v0.1 and v0.2.
*Gray screen* bug fix in all scenes.

New Lyralei's storyline ending

5 scenes: 1 ending and 4 mini-game scenes
New character - Mirana
Minor text fixes
Skip button bug fixed on mobile
Interface transparency effect in old scenes
Choice buttons bug fixed on mobile

6 new lewd scenes
Minor text fixes
Skip button
Interface transparency effect
Gallery bug fix

New storyline including:
Two new charaters with multiple emotions
Minigame with Lyralei
New sprite for Luna
New animation for sex scenes

Patreon button deleted for Offlaner patrons
Loads of text fixes
Walkthrough updated
Free save slot for everyone
Offering text improved

5 new scenes added
Gallery improved
Minor text fixes
Offline version added

Blackout bug fixed
Gallery and saves bugs fixed

Text mistakes fixed
Security and gallery bugs fixed

Added IOS and safari support
Several minor bugs fixed

First release.
10+ scenes
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